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Galaxy Blocks
In a galaxy far, far away, there are blocks waiting for you to break.
Word Search Blitz
Do you like scrabble? Try our whole new spelling puzzle.
Spaceship Standoff
Shoot the aliens and protect the Earth. See how fast you can destroy the invaders.
Math War
Challenge your friends to a math duel!
Color Craze
How fast can you match the color to its name? Take up the challenge and see your capability.
Carefully aim at your enemy, the outcome will be decided in a button. Remember, you only have one “shot”.
Brain Warp
Even or odd? Consonant or vowel? Keep your cool and win.
Math Geek’s Candy Crush. Let mathematics make us closer. Just get started now!
Jelly Squish
You will love our colorful jellies and connect them as much as possible - whether they are three in a row or diagonally.
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